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Weight Loss Diet – Why It’s All About Moderation

When it comes to losing weight, modern man has no shortage on diet plans. Just check out the magazine racks and you will see the latest diet plans and fads that claim to be the best and most effective. There are important questions to ask when planning your weight loss diet.


First, you need to ask yourself whether you will include various foods from the major food groups. Or will you just concentrate on proteins or rely solely on fibrous fruits and vegetables?


Will you also practice this diet for just a few weeks or for many years?


Once you have decided on the type of diet that you will follow religiously, ask yourself whether it is easy to find the foods in your local grocery shops. Will you still be able to eat your fave foods or are you going to shun them for the rest of your life?


Other factors to consider include your budget and lifestyle. Also, will you have ample nutrients to keep you healthy throughout your diet regimen?


If you answered no to most of these questions, then it’s time to move forward and look for another weight loss diet.


Lose Weight by Exercising


When people look for the perfect diet, they seem to focus on the food intake only. What they fail to realize is that they need to couple their diet with ample exercise. Dieting means eating healthy with low-calorie meals. Exercising, on the other hand, is needful in order to maintain an active lifestyle – a change that is necessary to maintain your new, healthy weight.


So go ahead, clean the house, shop, make the beds, mow and garden. These are all simple yet rigorous forms of physical activity. Keep repeating these chores and add a few hours on the gym or a walk in the park and you’re on the right track.


Instant Cereal Isn’t the Answer


You need to improve on your food intake and not just your physical activity if you want to trim down. Budge the scale with power breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


Consider having a cup of tuna plus fruits and vegetables for your dinner instead of the usual carb-laden meal that you eat. Eat basic meals with the foods that are already stocked in your kitchen.


Day 1 can be as simple as a cup of black coffee or a few glasses of water, half a grapefruit and a single slice of toast (with peanut butter). Lunch can be a cup of tuna, another toast and a cup of tea, black coffee or water.


To add a little variety, you can have a cup of cottage cheese for lunch complete with saltine crackers. Say no to dressings, sauces and spices at the moment. Vanilla ice cream is welcome as long as you have just a single scoop each day.


You will find that the biggest effort you will make on your diet is to stop yourself from eating sweets and carbs. Discipline is the key – say no to processed meals and frown upon sugary and starchy foods. Losing weight is not about turning into a vegetarian or vegan, though. You will eat a low-calorie, low-salt and low-carb diet but this does not mean that you will shun them all together.


To begin the right weight loss diet, be sure that your menu is developed by a nutrition expert. Also, be sure to ask the doctor about the kind of diet that is most suitable for you as there is no standard diet for every single person on the planet.




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