Brain Supplements, Enhance Your Memory Naturally!

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Brain Supplements, Enhance Your Memory Naturally!

A lot of people complain about their lack of concentration when working. Such an issue can be the result of a stressful life, unhealthy eating habits, among others. Poor concentration is also seen to be linked to sub-optimal brain function. There are many ways to improve brain functions and taking brain supplements is one of these.

Losing memory is a thing that worries many people as they get older. You could be one of those who are wondering whether you will eventually develop Alzheimer’s disease later on in your life.

You’ve probably heard of them – memory games, memory vitamins and memory supplements – each one has a promise to lessen or even totally prevent memory loss. But will any of these brain boosters help your memory and concentration? Take note that it is important that you check with your medical specialist once you suspect that you could be suffering from Alzheimer’s or if your medical history makes you at risk.

There are many new ways that memory loss can be slowed down. Medications and therapies have been shown to produce astounding results. Today’s population, for instance, can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. This means that there is going to be 210,000 less people who will suffer from Alzheimer’s in a decade.

Prescription drugs for memory loss can get extremely expensive and the sad part is that they just have a limited window of time when it comes to effectiveness.

Though there are many brain boosters these days, majority of these lack ample research to back their brain-enhancing claims.

health_and_fitness_active_womanGinkgo biloba is one of the boosters that are showing potential. This has improved blood flow inside the small vessels, hence, it is now commonly used in Europe to treat dementia. When it comes to prevention, though, it may not be as effective. It has simply improved or stabilized the symptoms of memory loss so, more or less, you take Ginkgo biloba when you do not want an existing condition to worsen.

Omega-3 fatty acid comes in capsule or tablet supplement forms. Studies have shown that a higher omega-3 intake lowers the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Foods that have a high omega-3 content are nut oils, coldwater fish and plant oils.

Acetyl-L carnitine is an amino acid that could improve the condition of Alzheimer’s disease sufferers. Those who suffer from an early onset and a quick progression of the disease can benefit from this amino acid.

Huperzine A is also called the Chinese club moss. This is a natural medicine that works similarly as other Alzheimer’s drugs. But since it is natural, it is confirmed to be a lot safer and more effective.

Vitamin E does not decrease Alzheimer’s disease development but it does slow its progression. A few studies reflected on the risk of death among unhealthy people who have taken Vitamin E so be sure to consult your physician before you even consider taking this supplement.

Asian ginseng or Panax is an herb that is sometimes mixed with ginkgo biloba. This can alleviate fatigue but any improvement on memory loss has only been seen in a small group of study participants.Enhancing Your Memory Naturally

Unsafe Memory Enhancers

Before you even self-prescribe on a memory supplement, be sure to ask a pharmacist (at the very least) about drug interactions. Keep in mind that even natural supplements can have side effects.

For example, bacopa is an herb from India that shows promising results for memory issues. This same supplement, though, seems to carry a higher risk when it comes to drug interactions. Do not use this till further study has been done.

DHEA is a hormone that when taken in higher doses could increase your risk for cancer. There are also other recorded side effects for this hormone. While the FDA does not regulate herbs and supplements, it is still best to consult your doctor before taking any of these.

Often better than brain supplements is a change of lifestyle. There may not be a specific diet that will totally prevent memory loss but it eating fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, nuts, fish and dairy should give you a healthy body and a healthy brain.



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